Reed Revolution was created to remedy a problem for reed students. Students that don't have a music store in their hometown have no options but to buy a full box from an online megastore. Students that double for Jazz Band/ Pit Orchestra for a short time need just a few reeds not a whole box.

Reed Revolution solves these problems by mailing you exactly what you need every month. Mix and match strengths, brands, or EVEN instruments! Order as few as 1 reed and we will send it to you. Change your plan as often as you want! 

Playing more so you need more? 

Playing Saxophone in Jazz Band this semester? 

Whatever you need Reed Revolution is here for YOU!

Music is individual, shouldn't your reeds be too?

Reed Revolution is a part of Second Wind Music Center. 

Second Wind Music Center is a locally owned and operated business in Fostoria Ohio. The store offers instrument sales and rental, instrument repair and restoration, music and accessory sales, private lessons, and free community events. We strive to provide high quality customer service and affordable prices.

Our Founder

The store is operated by Josh Thomas, a former public school music educator.  Josh provides a unique understanding of the needs of music students, parents, and teachers.  Through his experience in the classroom, he saw students often using chipped or broken reeds, and frequently forgetting to stop by the local music store to pick up more.  (Additionally, as a parent, he understood that stopping by the local music store isn't always a priority.)  So, he decided to develop Reed Revolution and help solve that problem. 

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